I have been to many places and felt many emotions about all kinds of locations, so I’m sure to be sure – North is my favourite place on earth! The colder, the better. Also, I have been to around 300 weddings through my photography career, and I’m sure about my taste in weddings – the smaller and intimate, the better. So there you go – an amazing thing happened – I was invited to elopement to Norway! What a joy!
The couple comes from Latvia, but they have been living in Norway for many years, so they decided to get their kid and two of closest relatives and go to mountains (misty ones, as it turned out) to exchange vows and rings. It was magical! I’m very glad to have been there and witnessed this precious moment of them and their kid standing there in a surreal landscape of mist… Thank you, Eva and Sigvar for being such a good sports in all the rain and cold – they were amazing models and did not complain even once! Cheers to that!

Table setting: most wonderful DIY that I have ever seen done by couple
Bouquet: made by.. ME 🙂




I am the happiest person on earth. If a few years ago I had no problem to pick my favourite wedding of the season, then now it is a serious task. I’m having waaaay too many wonderful days, and my head is spinning trying to count all those magical moments. Here is one of the best ever – a story of Andis and Laura who got married in a middle of a forest. I have been sitting and smiling all day while sorting through pictures and my cheeks are hurting – as you will notice, Laura has an amazing smile and it impossible to not smile along (even in photos). May you have happy souls all life long, you two – fantastic people! Cheers!

This is our first styled shoot with Baiba – we wanted to do it for a very long time, but somehow had no time or purpose. As Munio Candela candles came along with an idea of a story of a wedding with lots of candles in it – we thought that the time has arrived!
Enjoy our little wicked story of a couple getting married and spending time in this dramatic boohoo wonderfulness!

Style: Baiba Prindule-Rence
Models: Christine and Dominik
Graphic design, textiles – Alise Upmale
Candles – Munio Candela Official Page
Florals – inbloom
Clothing – Iveta Vecmane
Makeup – Julija Balinska
Cakes –




After all, your friend’s weddings are the best. Like this one – Baiba is a fantastic decorator and a truly wonderful friend. We have experienced many other people big days together, so I was looking forwards of hers even more – in other weddings I have almost zero time to talk to her, but now we had all the day together – I shared all the joyful and happy moments. What a blast it was!
So there you go – one of the most important days of Baibas and her husband’s life. Decorated and styled by the artist herself – Baiba Prindule – Rence.


There are no words – I love this wedding and everything about to the moon and back. Literary. The couple is one of the nicest that I have ever met! Their sense of style, their sense of humour – just everything that needs to click, clicked. And then the magic happened, and those pictures are one of my most favourite ever, and I’m sure that it will stay that way for a long time. Thank you for choosing me to share your precious day with! Cheers!

Decorator: Baiba Prindule – Rence (

It is time for a cutesy and sweet spring wedding! This is an excellent example of making photographer extra happy – not only I was welcomed with a huge pile of all kinds of details to use in morning part of a day, but also all the rest – ceremony, photoshoot and evening was nicely done all in green colour theme and worked very well for my love of storytelling. A pretty green story in a middle of a forest – there you go!

Event organiser: Bannte
Decorations: Love Letters
Dress: Katya Katya London



I’m pleased to travel to get to you – distance does not matter to me much! Here is a sorry of my wedding adventures by the Lake Garda, Italy.
Valdis & Zane are two young folks from Latvia who decided to get married in Italy. Why in Italy, I asked. Why not? They answered. Amazing. They did all the decorations by themselves (even managed to make concrete candlesticks) – I have no idea how, but as I walked on a fantastic terrace overlooking lake Garda, everything looked very magical and movie like. Everything was very easy and fun with those two, so I’m feeling very grateful to have met Valdis & Zane on a mountaintop in Italy. Cheers!