About me

Hi, I’m Linda.
I consider myself lucky – I found my passion for photography when I was just 15 years old ( I did not have a phone with any camera back then). Three years later I was already doing my first wedding and dreaming about a career in fashion. Now it has been 10 years since that very first wedding – I have had my fashion moments (dreams kind of got fulfilled – did have around 20 magazine covers), and I have had my wedding moments (last 4 years it has been 40-50 weddings per year). It has been years since I stopped being ecstatic about the chance to see my images in magazine pages, but I have found what makes me deeply satisfied – taking meaningful pictures. What matters to me is real emotions, real people and real love. There is no playing pretend in weddings – it is intimate, it is true, it is real. And I can’t get enough of it.

A little bit about me – I’m that weird person who prefers to sit alone on a cold northern mountaintop rather than being surrounded by other people (except my husband and dog. I would love them to be there with me if they don’t freeze or run away ( we have a beagle, so he does run away from time to time)) on a beach or any other typical place to chill. Yep, I like cold, windy locations, I enjoy rough nature, I don’t mind rain which usually comes with it. I love fancy restaurants, but cooking on an open fire in the middle of woods is many times better for me. I’m that nature kid who runs barefooted at any chance given.