My dear childhood friend Anita got married last summer! The thing you most defiantly don’t know about me – I started my photography career together with this lovely lady! We even went to our very first wedding together 11 years ago. Im so grateful for her, I’m not sure where would I be without our teenage photography experience. But now – please look at those pictures of happiness! It was green and amazing, and also there are not many evening pictures because I had to start being a guest at some point, you know 🙂

Deco Feja
Flowers inbloom
Makeup Janina Sarkanabola
Party happened at Goldingen room


The date is not real and also the wedding is not, but joy most certainly is. It was -18C and winter day was waking up. We were vide awake tho and preparing to experience the magic of it.. and when sun was rising, we were taking pictures of this imaginary event. And it was amazing.  Why did we froze out there? Oh, this was just for fun! To inspire you all not to be afraid of winter – it has its nice moments.

Deco Baiba Prindule – Rence

Stylist  Iveta Vecmane

Brides hair + makeup Alla Lebedeva 

Flowers Inbloom

Thanks to very brave models!

I am the happiest person on earth. If a few years ago I had no problem to pick my favourite wedding of the season, then now it is a serious task. I’m having waaaay too many wonderful days, and my head is spinning trying to count all those magical moments. Here is one of the best ever – a story of Andis and Laura who got married in a middle of a forest. I have been sitting and smiling all day while sorting through pictures and my cheeks are hurting – as you will notice, Laura has an amazing smile and it impossible to not smile along (even in photos). May you have happy souls all life long, you two – fantastic people! Cheers!

There are no words – I love this wedding and everything about to the moon and back. Literary. The couple is one of the nicest that I have ever met! Their sense of style, their sense of humour – just everything that needs to click, clicked. And then the magic happened, and those pictures are one of my most favourite ever, and I’m sure that it will stay that way for a long time. Thank you for choosing me to share your precious day with! Cheers!

Decorator: Baiba Prindule – Rence (