hy am I posting an autumn themed wedding in spring, you may ask? Well.. it has been almost 2 years with very little amount of new blog posts so I must catch up as I have some time for that right now. Why not to start with a theme close to my heart? I love everything autumn related so there you go – a magnificent day of Andrey & Ksenija. It was full of gorgeous details by Baiba + florals by inblom & I could not imagine better team to work with. The couple thought of all kinds of beautiful details – even the soles of grooms shoes match the overall colour theme! They also were keen to get artistic portraits as if they were meant for magazines – you tell me if we succeeded 🙂


Ithought that it is time to start sharing something not wedding related as well – I have tons of stories that are close to my heart and would deserve to be recognised. I’m talking about lovely moody lifestyle shoots for clients, family shoots and other stuff. Let’s start this by publishing a glemping  idea we did with Baiba Prindule for her book. I would say this is kind of my dream scenario for my family – going into nature and spending time cooking on fire, setting up beautiful table just by using surrounding nature resources.. meeting some snails, running barefooted, listening to bird sounds, taking some leaves as souvenirs home.. we will do this one day, I promise (myself).

Mood designer of this fantasy Feja / Baiba Prindule Rence.


Sun was shining and it was very plesant August day. It seamed that universe agreed with Zane’s and Rudolph’s plan of getting married that afternoon. I mean, why would he dissagree – they both set the new record of amount of kissing infront of my camera which is very impressive for Latvian weddings (we are sky people). 

They went on a ride in beautiful light blue car with windows rolled down, wind played in their hair and they just laughed about it. They played hide and seek in fields of corn, danced happily where ever they went and where overwhemed with emotions when the time for saying I DOs came. They kissed, cried, kissed again. They were happy – champagne was poured on blue candy floss, coctails tasted as sweet as summer evenings..and the party did not end until the morninglight. 

I hope you feel the same joy while scrolling through images as I do – their happiness is contageous! Cheers, dear Zane & Rudolph!


All the beautiful deco by lovely Layer cake Krista

Brides dress from  6. Septembris

Ceremony & party took place at Fon Stricka Villā


Iceland. Wind, rain, snow – all the elements that photographers may fear does seem to disappear somewhere in the background while capturing the beauty of this dream landscape.  This actually was not a real wedding but a two day long pre wedding photoshoot which I helped planning and organising – full of uuuuuhs and ahhhs from my side and shivering from couples side. Enjoy!