Klara + Hal



had never been to Wales before this wedding so it was double fun as I got there! The wedding itself was a pure bliss – the couple is one of my all time favourites, their amount of amazingness is not explainable in one short caption, lets say that. Also the wedding.. oh, gosh, where to begin! All the partying happened on a property owned by family of the groom – they had to build bridges over small rivers to get here, platform to dine & dance on.. they put such an amazing amount of work in all of it, I was totally amazed! Unfortunately it rained whole day (English summer, haha), but it did not ruin the mood – big boots & raincoats were called to the action and party did not stop for a minute. There were happy tears, there was loads of laughter.. I will stop explaining, just scroll down and explore yourself!

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