Larry + Hayden

Ohhh, I don’t know where to even begin with this story. It really has it all – gorgeous couple (and sweet, loving, funny, happy..probably all the good things that you can write to describe a beautiful soul you can say about them (also they should seriously consider modelling)), fantastic location, emotional guests, perfect weather.. I mean, until now I’m not quite sure if I have dreamt this or really experienced. This was quite an adventure – I had never visited Mexico and for me to start exploring this vibrant country at Holbox island was a real treat! Before coming I spend at least 5 hours drooling over Hotel Punta Caliza & you will be able to tell how much I loved it there by amount of all kinds of detail images, haha. I mean.. every room has its entrance to the main pool. How cool is that? Of course I had to find the reason to dip into it and as I was blessed with the most fun couple (did I already mention that they look like professional models?!) we were able to capture some happy splashing just before getting ready for the main event. Thank you Larry & Hayden for being awesome!

As I mentioned, there are many things I really enjoyed in this particular day. One of my favourites – the wedding ceremony led by brides mother. Oh, gosh, that was so emotional and so..real! I mean, I come from Latvia which is known for people not showing emotions too much. In my 13 years of experience as a wedding photographer I have captured around 5-10 Latvian brides/grooms tearing up (everybody holds their emotions to themselves here) . There were more emotions shown at this event as in my whole wedding career, lets put it that way. I loved every tear on every face. Thank you so much for that!

I could go on and on about this dreamy day, but I will let you look at those images yourself. There is so much love between both Larry & Hayden and also between their families and friends – I really hope you will experience that warm, happy feeling which hasn’t left me since I started going through their story. Sorry for the amount of images – it is physically impossible to edit even more so you will have to do some tough scrolling down (again – sorry!).

Wedding was organised by Crosby + Jon Design , it was a pleasure to meet you, guys! All the beautiful deco by lovely Maria Limon – I was really excited to work with her as I have seen so many gorgeous images on Instagram featuring her fantastic creations.

P.S. All of this makes me miss Mexico, I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for opportunity to return some day (pretty please?).



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