Matiss + Anna

Hi guys! I want to kick off my season 2018 with something really, really special! This is Anna and Matiss – the couple who maid ultimate DIY wedding in style happen! As they own a little peace of land by the river in countryside they decided to get married right there – the groom had already built little black houses for them to enjoy weekends with their dogs and all that was left to do was to make ceremony spot. Scroll down to see how good he did! The couple is big on concepts so everything looks amazing together – from invitations to reception building. From flower stands and tables (build again by groom himself) to table setting (done, of course, by bride). I have to mention that all the guests were dressed in BW and even the dogs were invited and matched the colours pretty good!

Anyways – I love them, they are amazing. Enjoy the gallery and do not stop scrolling down in middle – they have really surprising activity just after the sunset 🙂

P.S. Amazing flowers done by inbloom. of course.

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