I have been to many places and felt many emotions about all kinds of locations, so I’m sure to be sure – North is my favourite place on earth! The colder, the better. Also, I have been to around 300 weddings through my photography career, and I’m sure about my taste in weddings – the smaller and intimate, the better. So there you go – an amazing thing happened – I was invited to elopement to Norway! What a joy!
The couple comes from Latvia, but they have been living in Norway for many years, so they decided to get their kid and two of closest relatives and go to mountains (misty ones, as it turned out) to exchange vows and rings. It was magical! I’m very glad to have been there and witnessed this precious moment of them and their kid standing there in a surreal landscape of mist… Thank you, Eva and Sigvar for being such a good sports in all the rain and cold – they were amazing models and did not complain even once! Cheers to that!

Table setting: most wonderful DIY that I have ever seen done by couple
Bouquet: made by.. ME 🙂




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